12 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Dinner {Tamale Pie}

Chicken Tamale PieThe Dish:
Chicken, seasoned black beans, salad, hashed-brown style potatoes

Method of Cooking:
Stove top, oven

Cooked chicken was cooled to the touch then pulled the off of the bone and cut up using kitchen shears.


This was a multi-step meal.

Chicken thighs were cooked on top of the stove in boiling water seasoned as if making chicken broth. We then used the broth to make the enchilada sauce, the tamale cornmeal mixture, and the beans.

The beans —which had been prepared earlier in the month and kept in the freezer— were defrosted, added to a pan with onions, spices, and more of our homemade chicken broth, and cooked til tender, about 10 minutes.

Although several parts of the meal used the same chicken broth, each is flavored differently with its own set of spice combinations.

11 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Dessert {Scones}

gf sconesThe Dish:
Gluten-Free Scones (recipe link here)

Method of Cooking:

Sorghum flour is also known as Jowar flour at most Indian stores.


There are two flavors of gluten-free scones you see in the picture. One is cranberry orange (orange zest + chopped up cranberries).  And the other is walnut/dates with lemon icing drizzled on top. The original scone recipe contains currants. But we substitute other things and even combinations of things for the currants. We like being creative.

People think it’s difficult to make scones. It’s not. It is super easy.

So when you get in that kitchen, run wild and (gluten) free!



10 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Ingredient {Turkey Stock}

Turkey Stock extraThe Menu:
Turkey Stock (home made)

Method of Cooking:
Crock pot, oven

Save the bones from meat dishes and turn it into stock. It’s inexpensive, gluten-free, and plain ‘ole goodness!


What you’re looking at in that picture is a quart-jar of the remainder a batch of turkey stock that we made ourselves. We keep this jar in the freezer and plan to use it later in the month in another dish.

We made our stock from turkey leg quarters that were cooked in the crock pot for {THIS} meal. We saved turkey bones in the freezer until we finally had enough to make stock.

Meat stock is easy to make. We think you will really like this recipe and instructions {Turkey Broth with the Leftover Bones}. It cooks in the crock pot. Is super easy. And super yummy.

You should give it a go!

9 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Dinner {Fish Stew with Greens}

Mackerl Stew GreensThe Dish:
Fish stew (canned mackeral) with sliced yellow carrots, brown rice, collard greens, fresh lime

Method of Cooking:
Stove top

Those of us who gluten free, use peanuts (and other nuts) not wheat flour to make thick and savory gravies. Approximately 1/2 cup peanuts were ground in the coffee bean grinder and added to about 2 cups of seasoned boiling chicken stock. Stir well.  An additional 1 cup of water was added to reach the desired thickness once the gravy cooked down.


I think every culture has it’s own fish stew recipe. This one is our take on a typical African fish stew. It includes canned mackerel, tomato paste, and crushed peanuts (peanut butter can also be used), powered spices (ginger, coriander, onion), fresh garlic, and chicken stock (as we did not have fish stock).

The chicken stock was made in June and stored in the freezer as a prep to Ramadhan cooking. So because we did not have to make the stock, the dish took about 20 minutes to cook.

You can find recipes for fish stew in any African cookbook, or search the Web.



8 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Suhuur {Hashbrown Breakfast}

sausage hashbrown turkey breakfast 1 The Menu:
Scrambled egg omelet,  turkey sausage (secret recipe), home made hash browns (recipe below)

Method of Cooking:
Stove top

To keep potatoes from sticking to the skillet, sprinkle a little bit of salt in the pan.


Did you know that most of the store-purchased (processed) hash browns contain wheat? Yep! They sure do!

The hash browns we make are the old-school style.  Did you say you want the recipe? Here you go!


  • 6 medium, cold boiled potatoes (sometimes I will dice then boil the potatoes and let cool)
  • cooking oil
  • 3 raw green peppers (optional, I never include it)
  • ¼ teaspoon celery salt
  • salt and pepper

hash browns 3Chop potatoes fine, season with celery salt, salt and pepper to taste. Remove seeds and stem from pepper, wash drain and chop fine.

Mix with potatoes.

Put about 1 tablespoon of melted shortening in pan and when hot, add potatoes and cook slowly.

When partly brown, fold into omelet shape in one side of pan. Fry until a rich brown.

Source: PENNSYLVANIA Dutch COOKERY {Project Gutenberg}

7 Ramadhan 1435/2014 ~ Gluten-free Ginger Molasses Cookies

GF Spice CookieThe Dish:
Gluten-free Ginger Molasses Cookies (recipe link here)

Method of Cooking:

Make sure the dough chills at least an hour. Letting it chill at least a day really does up the flavor. And do not bake these cookies on the lower oven rack — they will burn.


This cookie recipe calls for oat flour. It you can’t find it in a local store, make your own. Bon Appétit online says  to add 1 ¼ cup old fashioned oats (don’t use quick oats) to a food processor or blender and process until finely ground.

I have found that my coffee bean grinder is better. I work in small batches being sure not to over process it.

Enough about oat flour . . . We like this cookie recipe because it just tastes good. We’re thinking to have it on ‘Eid as cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Give this recipe a try! It’s super easy!