Cute wheat free gift: hot chocolate “mug”

I had fun making this gift.  It’s a paper mug to hold hot chocolate packets!

Instructions follow the picture below.

Project costs: $1 for the Swiss Miss hot chocolate; 40¢ for 2 sheets of paper.



  1. Create the paper template: Click template link to download. Print onto plain printer paper then cut it out. Or print directly onto the decorative paper/card stock you want to use for the mug, as long as the paper fits your printer (8.5 x 11 in.).
  2. Secure the paper template to the decorative paper with the paper clips. Trace the template onto the wrong side of your mug paper.
  3. Cut out the mug. Glue a 1/4-in seam around the edges. When dry, tuck in a couple of packets of hot chocolate!

Tip: The original template does not have handles on both ends of the cup. I used the template to draw a handle on both ends. You will have to play around with where to place the handle. I wish I could tell you how to do this, but I did it by trial and error and I don’t think I can explain it now.

Note: Please make sure your printing margins are set to .5 inches (half an inch) or the template may not print completely.


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