Ahlan Yall! Gluten Free Moravian Tea (Moon) Cakes

gf crescent cookiesOoh yum! Did we ever have fun making (and eating) these cookies!  Moments like this make me wish for scratch-and-sniff Internet so you can see for yourself.

These cookies were easy to make. I modified a simple gluten-free sugar cookie by adding in vanilla extract, lemon extract, and allspice. The original recipe called for nutmeg but that’s off limits for Muslims. So allspice it was!

Normally, sugar cookies are rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter. However, my gf recipe can’t handle that; the cookies bake up too hard. gf crescent cookies cooling

After rolling the dough into little balls (as per my recipe instructions), we used a cookie cutter to remove a crescent shaped section. As you can see, some of the moon nearly got baked right out.

No frets! We served up the best crescent-shaped ones as a treat; and ate the others, shall we say, rather informally . . . hehe.

Ramadhan Mubarak!


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