Free Gluten Free Recipe eBook

     If you want some really awesome gluten-free recipes, I have the perfect thing for you: a FREE 32-page recipe booklet! It’s amazing.

There are recipes for things like meatloaf, pumpkin bread, cup cakes, crepes (which I plan to make in the morning inshaAllah) and more.

To get this booklet click this 

Ramadhan on the brain

With about 5 months until Ramadhan 1432, I’m already thinking about getting prepared. I usually start 5 or 6 months ahead of time planning purchases, considering what to cook, do, focus on, etc.

I’ve really been thinking about gluten-free desserts for the upcoming Ramadhan. I plan to start experimenting now, so that by the time we have started fasting, I will have all my dessert recipes worked out to perfection!

What about you? You thinking about Ramadhan yet?

Halal cooking website

As I was searching online for a substitute for orange juice concentrate when I came across a really nice cooking website. It’s called The Chef Yusuf Show!

The chef explains ayat and hadith related to a particular food or food etiquette.

The show is entirely in Arabic –which is not my native language– but I am able to understand a little bit. I think I’ll be visiting this site often!


‘Eid Mubarak!

(photo from IslamicVector)

I’m planning a very nice wheat-free ‘Eid meal

  • baked winter chicken
  • oven roasted chicken wingettes
  • rice
  • peas, carrots
  • stuffed zucchini
  • salad
  • cheesy tater tots
  • stuffed boiled eggs
  • chocolate chip zucchini bread
  • hot chocolate
  • spiced tea
  • hot apple cider
  • pomegranate cranberry juice

Sounds yummy huh!

Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares Ramadhan recipes from Africa

World-famous Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s 2006 cookbook, The Soul of a New Cuisine, was inspired by his travels in Africa during Ramadhan.

–Across Africa, one of the things you notice is that there isn’t the distinction between breakfast and dinner foods that we have in Europe and America. Often, breakfast will simply be leftovers from the night before—for instance, a stew made from the previous meal’s meat, served over a starch and mopped up with pieces of bread. This is particularly true during Ramadan, when both meals need to be hearty enough to get you through the day. There will also be a lot of liquids to keep people hydrated during the long fast—juices, teas, and fruits such as mango and pineapple.–

Samuelsson has made some of the recipes from that 2006 book available on Epicurious:

Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia but adopted by a Swedish family when he was three years old. He became famous at 25 while working a haute Swedish restaurant in NYC.