Expensive purchase

Last week, I made THE most expensive gluten-free food purchase ever! I spent $7.79 (on sale) on an 8-ounce bag of Xanthan Gum! I’m still recovering from the shock!

I haven’t even opened the bag yet. It’s still sitting on the counter top. Every time I pass by it, I look at it and shake my head. I still can’t believe I actually bought it.

Why did I buy this? Great question! Well, xanthan gum is what gives gluten-free baking that bread/cake-like quality. I’ve been wanting to buy this for over a year. I could just never get over the $12.99 price tag. And had it not been for the 40% off sale, that bag of x-gum would still be sitting on the grocery store shelf!

And honestly, I’ve been baking fine so far without it.  Plus I’ve heard that xanthan gum causes allergies in people sensitive to corn or soy, so I’m not really all that sure about it. But, inshaAllah I’ll give it a try since I don’t have a corn or soy allergy.