Menu Planning

PhotobucketEach Sunday I sit down bi’ithnillah and plan meals for the Monday coming up thru the following Sunday.

Whether you plan your family’s meals on Sunday or some other day, doing so can be a great blessing for you and your family.

I strongly encourage sisters to set aside some time each week to plan the upcoming week’s meals.

You can improve your family’s health, save money, and be more organized all in one sitting. Turn meal planning into a family collaboration by asking if there are any particular foods requests.

To make your menu planning task easier, I am making my Weekly Menu Planner (pdf) available for anyone to use. It’s free to download. I print it on both sides of the paper. You can even print the planner on decorative paper.

I got in the habit long ago of saving my completed weekly menus. That way, when I’m suffering brain drain, I don’t really have to think much. I can go thru some previous menus and pull something together. It’s been a real time-saver.

Hope you enjoy the menu printable!

Feel free to send in your Menu Plans. I’ll be happy to post it!


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