Past Ramadhan Meals

Have fun scrolling through the list.


  • Meals Made in 2010

    Day 29 — The Suhuur
    Protein smoothie, eggs, peaches

    Day 28 — The Iftaar
    Oven roasted bbq chicken, rice, salad

    Day 27 — The Iftaar
    Tacos, potatoes, rice

    Day 26 — The Iftaar
    peanutbutter chicken, rice, veggies

    Day 25 — The Iftaar
    Cilantro chicken, rice, veggies

    Day 24 — The Suhoor
    Leftovers from midnite meal, fruit

    Day 23 — The Suhuur
    Boiled eggs, rice noodles, apples & pb

    Day 22 — The Iftaar
    African rice w/lamb & veggies

    Day 21 — The Suhuur
    Fried eggs, protein smoothie, yogurt

    Day 20 — The Iftaar
    Roasted chicken breast, corn tortilla, avocado salsa

    Day 19 — The Iftaar
    Roasted chicken wings, rice

    Day 18 — The Iftaar
    Cilantro chicken, rice, veggies

    Day 17 — The Iftaar
    Protein smoothie, left over stuffed tortillas

    Day 16 — The Iftaar
    Fried stuffed tortillas, quinoa black bean salad, salsa

    Day 15 — The Suhuur
    Muffin frittata, cheese quesadillas, salsa verde, cantaloupe

    Day 14 — The Suhuur
    Protein smoothie, leftover black eye peas & rice

    Day 13 — The Suhuur
    Leftover pb chicken w/boiled eggs, rice, apple slices
    (Iftaar Dessert Flourless pb cookies)

    Day 12 — The Suhuur
    Mung bean, fried eggs, peaches

    Day 11 — The Suhuur
    Chicken adobo, rice, cantaloupe

    Day 10 — The Iftaar
    Homemade tortillas, cream cheese, avocado salsa, salad, rice, oven roasted chicken wings

    Day 9 — The Iftaar
    Unexpected treat: Pad Thai

    Day 8 — The Suhuur
    Sorghum crepes, chicken, gluten free protein bar, peach

    Day 7 — The Iftaar
    Tacos, cheesy potatoes, cheesy nachos

    Day 6 — The Iftaar
    Sorghum crepes, Coconut curry chicken, mixed veggies

    Day 5 — The Iftaar
    Quinoa cornbread, vegetarian chili

    Day 4 — The Iftaar
    Pan seared fish, stir fried rice

    Day 3 — The Iftaar
    Curried chicken, zuccihini, carrots; Basmati Rice

    Day 2 — The Suhuur
    Fried eggs, Mozarella cheese sticks, Protein juice

    Day 1 — The Iftaar
    Cilantro Chicken & Peas; Basmati Rice


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